32 Level Highrise
Axis was completed whilst working as a graduate architect in Willemsen Group. The goal for the project was to design a modern apartment building, inspired by innovative luxury housing. The building was sited to maximise views of the ocean and MacIntosh Island waterway and maintain code assessable setbacks from the surrounding highrises of Malibu and Inlet. A partial basement/podium was incorporated into the structure, with voided openings to allow natural ventilation and lighting of the car spaces and gymnasium. Featuring a double storey apartment floorplate that consisted of three apartments per floor that extended from Levels 3 to 15, two storey voided living areas were made possible that quickly gained height and views. Levels 16 to 26 were whole floor apartments, with lifts opening to their own private foyer and an open plan layout that extended the full length of the floorplate, maximising the sense of space. Levels 27 through to 30 featured an exclusive three storey penthouse, with private stair and rooftop swimming pool. All apartments had characteristic floor to ceiling glazing, with oversized external balconies. Lighting was controlled by HPM I-Control.
Concrete slab on ground Double brick veneer Suspended concrete slab Lightweight timber frame & cladding
Design Features
Courtyard house topology Split level planning