Sports Facility
Turbayne Sports Pavillion
The Centenary Wall was commissioned as a tribute to the 14,000 plus students and staff of St Hilda's School since its inception in 1912. It was built for the centenary celebrations in August 2012. The design stemmed from a concept sketch of one of the schools emblems, an ammonite (a fossilized mollusk). Represented as a series of curved brick walls resembling an abstract ammonite in plan, etched stainless steel panels seamlessly hang off the brick wall faces. The spiraling effect of the series of walls allows flow through the space as well as room for pausing and conversation. The use of brick for the walls draws on the strong masonry tradition in the existing buildings on campus. The brick blend is also specific to the school, the "St Hilda's Blend" a mix of 3 colours (Rustic Harvest Cream, Black & Tan, Copper Glow). Use of the double cant topping brick allows girls to comfortably sit on the tops of the walls and adds to the interactive nature and usability of the space. The curved brick backed tiered seating encourages the ongoing memory and use of the area as a lunch spot, music stand and an intimate amphitheater.
Turbayne Sports Pavillion
Concrete slab on ground Double brick veneer Suspended concrete slab Lightweight timber frame & cladding
Design Features